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Colorbond Roofing Horsley Park

Whether you live close to the beach and need the toughest materials, or if you’re choosing a colour with energy efficiency in mind, Roof Plumbing Sydney are the professional installers for all metal roofs including the great range Colorbond roofing products, including Metallic and Stainless. Additionality, we also supply and install Polycarbonate and Fibreglass. Who you entrust to replace your roof could have long term consequences if you haven’t done your research and base your decision on the cheapest price. Get it done right the first time so when the Horsley Park rains come bucketing down you will feel comfortable knowing you and your family are safe. No longer will Horsley Park’s unforgiving weather deliver you an uncomfortable feeling when the skies decide to open up.


Colorbond roofing delivers you the peace of mind knowing your roof is lightweight, durable, versatile and capable of meeting the changing needs of any lifestyle. With so many good designer colours to choose from, a new Colorbond roof will enhance the beauty of every home style. Who would’ve thought that you can get the best of both worlds? Colorbond looks beautiful, all while being one of the hardest, longest lasting roofs on the market. Call us now for any Colorbond Roofing Horsley Park!

Colorbond Roofing Marrickville
Colorbond Roofing Marrickville

Metal Roofing Horsley Park

Metal roofing has come a long way in style and design, now with an huge list of colours and styles available you can really make your home standout in any neighbourhood. You can pick out a roof to match and reflect the style of your home and your individual unique personality. We have twenty colours available within our extensive colour palette suitable for private and commercial properties. Installing Colorbond Roofing Horsley Park for us is second nature. We do all the works compliant with today’s standards and regulations and to put it simply, we do the perfect job every time.


There is no doubt that steel and colorbond roofing Horsley Park is among the most popular, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing roofing materials available. Its light weight decreases the cost of building a home and its low mass makes it much more thermally efficient. If installed correctly, there will be virtually no maintenance issues and it will withstand extremely adverse weather conditions. Easily the most popular of roofing profiles, custom orb is the traditional shape that has been popular in Australia for decades. Applying the arch principle in design to get the maximum strength without the necessity of very high gauges, custom orb roofing is both simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Metal Roof Replacement Horsley Park

Our expert work can be seen on houses, townhouses, unit blocks, apartment buildings and commercial premises across the city. The qualified and experienced team at Roof Plumbing Sydney make getting a replacement or a brand new corrugated roof an enjoyable and stress free process, with our combination of product knowledge, technical expertise and good old fashioned customer service. We specialise in metal roof replacement and new roof installation Horsley Park wide. We are able to replace old roof materials with new, sleek corrugated roofing, Kliplok, flatmetal roofing or Trimdek to update the look of your home or to replace any failing or damaged materials.


As experienced professionals, we know how important it is to invest in quality. We use only the best proven sheets and components on every new roof installation in Horsley Park. We are proud suppliers of Zincalume, Colorbond, and Durakote steel gutters by Roof Plumbing Sydney. If you’re looking at a new tin roof, we encourage you to experience the difference offered by Roof Plumbing Sydney’s materials already enjoyed by millions of Australians. We use only the most trusted brands and products to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home is not compromised by poor materials.

Colorbond Roofing Marrickville
Colorbond Roofing Marrickville

Metal Roofing Service Horsley Park

We provide a range of high-quality flat metal roofing solutions that are designed to meet your needs, budget and the structural standards of your project. Flat metal roofing has always been very popular, however, old roofs were often prone to rusting and leaking. Today, flat metal roofs are much more durable and can be installed as low as 1 degree. With the huge wide options available, you can get a metal roof that is both durable and versatile. If you’re looking for metal roof repair or replacement, we can provide a fantastic service that will exceed expectations.


At Roof Plumbing Sydney we specialise in metal roof replacement, and can install a brand new roof for your property. Using the highest quality, Australian materials we can provide your roof to its former glory, or build you a brand new roof that will last a lifetime. With a team of professional roofing experts, we have the skills to transform your roof into something to be proud of, and make your home one worth living in. We can install new roofs, change your roof or restore your existing metal roof if it’s damaged. If you’re looking for Colorbond Roofing Horsley Park, talk to our team today to get started with a free quote and inspection.

Colorbond Roofing Service Horsley Park

Australian-made for Australian conditions, Colorbond roofing is orginally suited to our harsh and variable environment. Durable, weather-tight, chip and crack resistant, Colorbond roofing prices provide value for money. Get lasting protection, without sacrificing style – or the environment. Colorbond roofing improves energy efficiency, lasts for decades, and is 100% recyclable. With a wide range of twenty-two organic colours, inspired by the Australian landscape, a Colorbond roof does’t just stand up to our environment – it reflects it. Design your ideal colour scheme applying our Colour Tool or consult Roof Plumbing Sydney’s in-house style expert. Whether contemporary, traditional, or heritage, Roof Plumbing Sydney’s Colorbond roofing will transform your home. Discount materials and slapdash workmanship don’t deliver lasting value. We do, and we back that up with a six year warranty on our installations in Horsley Park, NSW 2175

At Roof Plumbing Sydney, we know that using the right type of material for your new or existing roof can be challenging. Not only does the roof of your home enhance its aesthetic appeal, but the material choice can go a long way in protecting your family. With that being said, metal roofs, and Colorbond in particular, are hastily becoming the preferred roofing material for many Australian homes. Because a Colorbond Roofing Horsley Park is stylish, notably light but unquestionably sturdy, thermally insulated, easy to maintain, and highly resilient under the testing Australian weather conditions, it is no wonder that more and more homeowners are changing for a colorbond roof from Roof Plumbing Sydney. In fact, and if you’re building a new home or are in the process or organising a Roof Plumbing Sydney re-roof, whether it be for an investment home or a high-end residential property, Roof Plumbing Sydney can walk you through every step of the way when opting for a patented, colorbond roof.

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