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Roof Flashing Rockdale

Although sometimes overlooked, roof flashing is a vital part of a roofing system. Roof Plumbing Sydney install roof flashing Rockdale about the areas of a roof’s surface where something, such as at a chimney or skylight, interconnects with the roof. Properly sealing these sections is crucial as these spaces are often prone to significant leaks. These things expand and contract based on humidity and temperature. Because of this expansion and contraction flashing should tolerate for some movement while also making a tight seal preventing any moisture from entering the roof or the home.


The most common areas that must have flashing are the area around the vents, skylights, dormers, and chimneys. Flashing comes in a number of materials such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and plastic. The most resilient roof flashing material is metal, with copper being the most famous of the metals because of its ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. We suggest our customers to avoid plastic flashing; although it is the least expensive kind of roof flashing, it is not durable and cracks easily after just a few years of exposure to the sun and the elements.

Roof Flashing
Roof Flashing

Roof Ventilation Rockdale

Roof ventilation is a necessity in Rockdale and the surrounding area. When the heat in a building cannot change, it can cause significant damage to electrical wiring by making it dry out and crack. Electrical wiring breaking and becoming exposed creates a potentially dangerous situation. Trapped moisture can cause a buildup of moulds and mildew both of which can cause health problems as well as permanent property damage. Additionally, moisture can crack plaster and destroy paint in your home or business.


If the problem of poor roof ventilation is not addressed it may lead to deck deflection and warping with the result that the whole roof space area would then be dangerous to enter. Understand that your attic and roof trusses need to be seen adequately to circulating air for it to remain in tip top condition. Obstacles like dry rot can develop which would be extremely costly to fix and quite easy to avoid with the correct systems in place. If there is an excess of water vapour in the attic this will condense on metal surfaces, which leads to rust over time. This in turn can create plumbing issues as metal pipes and straps can deteriorate rapidly and then break away and damage the roofing joists.

Roof Vent Installation Rockdale

Roof ventilation systems are designed to circulate air within your property and keep the temperature controlled. When set up effectively, they can save you money on your energy bills. On hot days, roof vents, such as Whirlybirds, suck the hot air out of your ceiling and draw it back into the external air source, protecting your space from a heat build up. On the other hand, something like a cowl will discharge air from your mechanical exhaust systems and provide rain protection when not being engaged. Another form of roof vent is a range hood vent. A range hood vent is installed on your roof, and provides suction to the range hood within your home, drawing the air out through it. This minimises the noisiness of the internal range hood, and pulls what is aerified via cooking, outside.


Roof vents are a great investment in general. They help combat the effect of extreme weather conditions on your roof flashing Rockdale home and provide you with a cost-effective way to do so. In the long run they can save you money in temperature related repairs and act to cause reductions in your energy bills. We have installed countless roof vents for many happy clients in repairs who have all enjoyed the benefits of more stable and balanced temperatures in their property.

Roof Flashing
Roof Flashing

Custom Flashings Rockdale

Our licenced and knowledgeable staff are able to custom fabricate sheet metal profiles to suit any application. Profiles can be manufactured in the material and finish of your choice. So, whether you need custom flashings for that tricky odd job or to enhance your architectural development, no matter how big or small, our certified and friendly staff are available to discuss your requirements. It is important that we receive a fully dimensioned drawing, indicating all required angles, lengths and colour side for Colorbond material. Whereas most conventional flashing and box guttering is definitely straightforward, there are some conventions to adhere to when ordering tapered roof flashing.


They also have a important impact on the aesthetic appearance of the building. This form of water-proofing protection is a necessary construction practice, and is widely applied to commercial, residential and industrial structures. As each building structure is diverse, custom made flashings to suit are required. In much colder parts of the world there can be a build-up of ice in the attic which will crack and damage important physical parts of the structure. It may also cause water pipes to burst. These are all worst case scenario’s but are every chance to happen in a poorly maintained roofing space.

Roof Flashing Service Rockdale

The most often cause of a leaking roof is when a Roof Flashing is missing or damaged. A ‘flashing’ is a covering that is installed on the roof to avoid rain water from flowing through under the roof. Entry points for water to leak through when not diverted are oftenly where the roof joins a wall, along roof valleys, and the perimeter around a chimney, vent or skylight. Nearly anywhere where the runoff is heavy or where two opposing surfaces meet, can be susceptible and hence requires the protection that roof flashing Rockdale provide. When installing roof flashing, Roof Plumbing Sydney takes best care to protect the flashing from reacting with other roofing materials. For example, if a metal flashing comes into direct contact with a metal roof, corrosion can occur, causing rust and metal decay. Flashings are nailed or stapled securely into place around the penetrations in the roof. All gaps are sealed with glue, caulk or waterproof cement. If your flashing is made up of cement or tar, we advise that it be tested, and ideally be replaced with a newer method of roof flashing Rockdale.

At Roof Plumbing Sydney we advise to use galvanised steel or aluminium flashing materials in Rockdale, NSW 2216; . Galvanised steel is a low-cost, durable and robust material. Aluminium is malleable, which allows it to be bent around odd shapes in a roof. Both types of flashing are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Rubber and synthetic materials are a famous choice amongst our clients, as these are easier to install and are more cost effective. Prior to commencing your job, we will discuss your options, and provide the associated costs so you can make an informed decision. Roof Plumbing Sydney’s fully equipped, on premises sheet metal folder and workshop means all your roofing, flashing and guttering requirements can all be taken care of under the one roof. Roof Plumbing Sydney offers a huge range of roofing materials to suit all types of building projects including metal, polycarbonate and fibreglass roofing, metal walling plus guttering, fascia, flashings and a range of home improvement products.

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